Climate Youth Action Plan

This European Youth Parliament project encourages young people across Europe to explore, discuss, and ultimately act for climate neutrality within their existing engagement at the EYP and in their local and national communities.

We want to connect members of the European Youth Parliament  (EYP) at the intersection of civil society, energy, and climate issues and their political communication by creating a space to discuss, debate, and prototype ideas for a climate-neutral Europe that will ultimately be presented to and discussed with decision-makers.

The project is run by the EYP and the Schwarzkopf Foundation in cooperation with the E.ON Stiftung.

Post-War Ukraine: Ukraine Lab and Rebuild Ukraine Ambassadors

Focusing on the issues of climate neutrality and sustainable energy transition in the process of Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction and shift away from gas dependency in the region, the Rebuild Ukraine Ambassadors Programme will bring together 20 young people from across Europe. They will engage in several events through 2023 during which they will advocate for a sustainable rebuilding process in Ukraine. The flagship event of the programme will be the ‘Rebuild Ukraine Lab’ from the 20th to the 22nd of January 2023. The lab, taking place in a hybrid format, with hubs in both Ukraine and Poland, will be a three-day think tank where the ambassadors will be able to form sustainable solutions for Ukraine’s rebuilding process. They will then go on to present their solutions to European decision-makers as well as to other members of the EYP community. The organisation of the Lab is being supported by the hard work of EYP Ukraine and EYP Poland alongside the Governing Body and the International Office.

Sustainable Engagement Fund

National EYP associations can apply annually for financial support to implement particularly climate-friendly projects and formats. These can address the issue of sustainability in terms of content (event topics), organisation (event framework), and the involvement of relevant stakeholders (local partners, other supporters from civil society and politics).

You can read more about this fund in the flyer below.

SEF Flyer
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Future activities

  • Young Ambassadors for Climate Neutrality The Young Ambassadors will create visibility for young perspectives on key energy transition issues. They will address decision-makers and bodies on the national and international levels and discuss the necessary conditions and challenges of ensuring a sustainable civil society in Europe. This programme will be launched in 2023.

  • Digital Advocacy The EYP network’s Instagram channel, driven by the Young Ambassadors and other active EYPers, will frequently address energy-related issues and offer a platform for the exchange and sharing of project-related lessons and ideas. In particular, it will discuss approaches to action on climate neutrality.

  • Young Climate Idea Competition This competition will offer members of our network and beyond the opportunity to apply with project ideas and prototypes for sustainable European engagement formats. The best ideas will be further developed as model projects and tested by fellow participants with a (social) entrepreneurial mindset.


  • Anne Flotho-Liersch

    Project manager
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