Rebuild Ukraine Ambassadors

This project is organised by the European Youth Parliament (EYP) to give a platform to young perspectives on Ukrainian reconstruction.

What is the “Rebuild Ukraine Ambassadors” Programme?

Focusing on the issues of climate neutrality and sustainable energy transition in the process of Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction and shift away from gas dependency in the region, the “Rebuild Ukraine Ambassadors” Programme is a project organised by the EYP to give young perspectives on Ukrainian reconstruction a platform. Most prominently, it features the Rebuild Ukraine Lab, a three-day workshop with more than 30 participants from across Europe that gathered young ideas on how Ukraine should be rebuilt. This workshop took place in a hybrid and cross-border format from the 20th – 22nd January 2023. Due to difficulties arising from the war in regard to travel and general accessibility, the best path to a successful event was to have two physical hubs: one in Warsaw, Poland and one in Lviv, Ukraine. The participants also engaged with the event programme in a digital format which ensured accessibility as well as cooperation between participants at the different hubs. Currently, the ambassadors are working on a publication that summarises their vision for a sustainable reconstruction of Ukraine which will be released and disseminated throughout 2023.

  • 20 Ambassadors

  • 2 hubs in Poland and in Ukraine

  • 8 nationalities with 11 Ambassadors coming from Ukraine

  • 6 working groups focusing on various aspects of Ukrainian reconstruction

  • 1 vision for the sustainable reconstruction of Ukraine

Why are we organising this programme?

The consequences of war are destructive to existing systems and infrastructures but in the midst of such difficulties they may offer the opportunity for positive change. A sustainable reconstruction process with a long-term focus can enable modernisation, innovation and less dependence on exhaustible natural resources. Such positive change is best enacted in a process that involves young civil society.

Who are the Rebuild Ukraine Ambassadors?

The Rebuild Ukraine Ambassadors are all young Europeans who are passionate about making a meaningful contribution to Ukraine’s recovery process. They range in age from 17 to 26 and study or work in a number of fields that impact their perspectives in differing ways. To highlight Ukrainian perspectives, more than half of the ambassadors are Ukrainian, while the other ambassadors come from all over Europe.

Andrii Bilovusiak, Anna Mamedova, Anna Vietrova, Betriska Lukas, Eoghan Gately, Hailey Ciantar, Hanna-Sophie Bollmann, Hrach Arzumanyan, Karina Lytvyniuk, Mariia Hnatiuk, Mariia Kalashnyk, Mathieu Lecorney, Matteo Rizzo, Monta Mestere, Nazarii Pomohaibo, Olena Vilkha, Roberta Bartkutė, Sieimur Veliiev, Tetiana Prysakar, Yuliia Pavlenko.

What are the Rebuild Ukraine Ambassadors working on?

Participants have come up with innovative ideas on how to revitalise the economic and social life of post-war Ukraine while striving for climate neutrality and a sustainable energy transition across the region. The ambassadors have split up in six groups who are focusing on the following topics: Energy security and efficiency; Socially sustainable urban planning; Agriculture sector reconstruction; Sustainable reconstruction of public institutions; financial sustainability; Green mobility and public transportation. Their visions will be compiled in a document that will be shared and discussed with European decision makers in a public launch event in May 2023. The ambassadors will also receive training in how to advocate for this cause using the events and media platforms of the EYP network to further disseminate their work in the months to come.

Daria Oliinyk, a Media Team Member from the Rebuild Ukraine Lab interviewed participants from the event hub in Lviv, who share their experiences with the event, the work of EYP Ukraine, and their passion for the whole EYP Network.


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The Rebuild Ukraine Ambassadors programme is part of the Climate Youth Action Plan aimed at encouraging young people across Europe to explore, discuss, and ultimately bring about climate action. It is kindly sponsored by the E.ON foundation.