Youth-led organisation

Members of the organisation jointly steer the programme and shape its future – the European Youth Parliament is thus truly run by young people, for young people.

As an independent, non-partisan, peer-to-peer educational programme, the European Youth Parliament (EYP) is much more than just the sum of its events – it’s an ecosystem that creates an environment for its volunteers and members to learn, grow and take on responsibility in a multitude of roles.

The EYP’s governance structure at a glance:

Find out more about the EYP’s governance by clicking on this interactive graphic.
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The EYP’s Youth-led Governance
In this video, we explain how our network operates and in particular the different bodies that together create an entirely youth-governed ecosystem!

Video by Are We Europe

The National Committees

National Committees (NCs) implement the most of EYP events across Europe. There are currently 40 national member organisations with around 2,500 young volunteers who are actively involved in their activities and organisational management. The Boards of all National Committees are comprised of young people who are democratically elected.

National Committees organise regional and national sessions, international forums and outreach programmes, promote international EYP activities and run training programmes for their members.

If you are interested in the EYP, get in touch with the National Committee in your country. Click here to find their contact details!

The Governing Body

The Governing Body (GB) is the EYP’s international Board that represents the interests of the network. Its responsibilities include ensuring the strategic development of the EYP, facilitating the work of the EYP on the international level, and overseeing the three International Sessions. In collaboration with the National Committees and individual EYP members, it establishes guidelines that ensure the quality and safety of the EYP activities.

Read more about the current Governing Body here.

The Board of National Committees

The Board of National Committees (BNC) is the general assembly of National Committees. It represents the National Committees on the international level. The Board of National Committees gathers twice a year in Berlin and has full co-decision powers with the Governing Body. It means that any policy proposals made by the Governing Body must be approved by the Board of National Committees. The Board of National Committees can also take the initiative and make proposals and recommendations to the Governing Body.

Besides decision-making, the Board of National Committees acts as a platform for National Committees to share knowledge and know-how. The work of the Board of National Committees is facilitated by its board, elected annually by all National Committees.

Members of the current BNC Board

  • Filip Konić (HR)

  • Mia Cecilie Pedersen (DK)

  • Andor Šereš (RS)


The International Office

The International Office (IO), also known as the EYP Office, supports and coordinates the activities of the EYP network, including the National Committees, the Governing Body and the Board of National Committees. It facilitates the successful implementation of the EYP strategy and fulfilment of its mission by ensuring continuity and coherence of the mutual efforts of everyone involved.

The IO team includes project managers, long-term volunteers and assistants led by the EYP Executive Director.

The Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe

The Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe is the international umbrella organisation of the European Youth Parliament and hosts the International Office in Berlin.

The Schwarzkopf Foundation, a non-partisan organisation, strives to empower young people from all backgrounds to be active European citizens who contribute to a pluralistic, democratic society. With a wide range of programmes and projects, the Schwarzkopf Foundation advocates for an open, solidarity-based and democratic Europe, and strengthens young and pluralistic voices – in Europe and beyond.