Alumni network

We are very happy to stay in touch with our Alumni and to nurture and cultivate the network of the European Youth Parliament.

Since 1987, over 200,000 young people have participated in the activities of the European Youth Parliament (EYP), contributing to a pluralistic democratic society and fostering peaceful collaboration across Europe. In 2017, during the EYP’s 30th-anniversary celebration in Brno, the Czech Republic, we launched the EYP Alumni network.

In 2022, the EYP’s 35th-year anniversary celebrations in Berlin were proof of the network’s resilience, showcasing the continued engagement and impact of the EYP on its members, even decades after their active involvement ends.

The Alumni network is supported by a dedicated coordination group, which consists of former EYP volunteers, who are today experienced professionals across many different sectors. At the same time, they continue to give back to the EYP network through a variety of different events and activities.

Aims of the Alumni initiative

  • Return to the EYP as a platform to exercise active citizenship.

  • Give back to the EYP.

  • Reconnect with friends and revive the EYP spirit.

Be it through thematic talks on the most important issues of today’s world, mentoring the next generation of professionals, or gathering with old friends in cities all over Europe (and the world!), the Alumni network is a vital part of the EYP, and its members are a treasured component of the EYP’s diverse tapestry.

Welcome to the EYP Alumni network!


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