Mentorship programme

Our Mentorship Programme connects experienced Alumni with active volunteers who are entering the job market or beginning their academic careers.

Mentorship can offer many things, especially to young people at the start of their studies or careers. Having a mentor can help you navigate through your professional path and stimulate sustainable changes that can be highly beneficial for you. Benefit from the Alumni community’s wealth of experience and know-how to provide you with the help you need for your professional development!

The Mentorship Programme of the European Youth Parliament (EYP), therefore, offers young people support and guidance through some of the most challenging periods of their life. At the same time, it provides the alumni with an opportunity to give back to the EYP and share their expertise with younger generations. We’ve helped over 200 people learn from each other and develop personally and professionally through the Mentorship Programme – you can be the next one!

The mentees and mentors are matched based on their profiles and interests. The mentorship process takes place between the two individuals and is shaped on a case-by-case basis agreed on between them.

How does it work?

The first step is applying. Then we will match you with a compatible mentor or mentee. Finally, you will, with our help, decide which are the most prominent challenges in your life that you would like to tackle with your mentor and how to do it.

You have 2 ways to participate:

  • as a mentee in case you are interested in personal/professional development or have some professional challenges you need help with;
  • as a mentor for younger and active EYPer and help them overcome professional obstacles or find answers to dilemmas through your own professional expertise and life experience.

Currently, the call for mentors/mentees is closed. If you are interested in becoming a mentor or a mentee and creating a mentoring relationship, which can be a meaningful and powerful asset to your life, you can join the next round of the Mentorship Programme.



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