Mentorship programme

The EYP Mentorship Programme is designed to pair EYPers moving into a new phase of professional life with EYP Alumni who can offer career guidance and advice based on experience.

The aim of the EYP Mentorship Programme is to harness the broad scope of skills and experiences in the EYP Alumni network and use it to offer support to the many EYP members who are transitioning into a new position or profession. Some examples of potential mentees would be:

·    EYPers who are finishing their university education and searching for a foothold in their chosen field,

·    Young Alumni who hope to make a change from one line of work to another.

These mentees will be paired with Alumni who have worked in their field or who have previously made a successful career change and are willing to offer insight into the challenges involved. Additionally, we would like to take into account the impact of experiences such as a migration background or membership of a marginalised community on young professionals in the workplace

What does it mean to be a Mentor/Mentee?

There are many mentoring programmes across the EYP network which focus on supporting mentees’ growth on their EYP journey. This is not one of those programmes. This programme is for (young) professionals. Here, we will clarify what it means to be a participant in the EYP Mentorship Programme.

What does it mean to be a Mentor?

A mentor is an EYP Alum They will support an active EYPer who is facing obstacles in their professional journey. The mentor will get an idea of the mentee’s challenges and offer advice which may help them to overcome these obstacles. This may mean recommending some specific hard skills to improve which will help the mentee to stand out in the pair’s chosen field. Alternatively, a mentor may share their methods for facing challenges specific to the profession which the mentee is hoping to pursue. Mentors do not need specific qualifications or accomplishments. Rather, they must be eager to share the experiences which they do have in a way that can help someone who is new to the world they work in. Mentors will receive some guidance from the International Office before the official start of the mentorship programme.

What does it mean to be a Mentee?

A mentee is an active EYPer or a young alum in their final university years or first career steps who is facing a change or challenge in their career path. They will approach the mentor with specific goals in mind and be willing to share these goals with their fellow EYPer. The mentee should expect guidance, someone to bounce ideas off, and some information about their field or area. The mentee should not expect to receive step-by-step support or networking opportunities.

Apply Now!

The call for mentors/mentees is open until the 3rd December 2023.

If you are interested in becoming a mentor, you can apply by filling out this form.

If you are interested in becoming a mentee, you can apply by filling out this form.

We would love to see applicants of all levels of experience in their chosen career, and of a wide range of different stages in their professional development.



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