About us

Since 1987, the European Youth Parliament has inspired and empowered hundreds of thousands of young people to be open-minded, tolerant and active citizens.

Thousands of young people are actively involved as volunteers all over Europe, making the European Youth Parliament (EYP) a genuinely youth-driven programme – run by young people, for young people.

What makes the EYP unique:

  • Non-Formal Education: Our programmes allow participants to learn and develop a diverse set of skills through a fully immersive social, cultural and educational programme.

  • Peer-Led: All our activities as well as the organisation and governance of the EYP network are organised for and by young Europeans.

  • Voluntary: The EYP is shaped by young volunteers with the primary purpose to create a much-needed platform for youth.

  • Diverse and Inclusive: Our programmes actively seek out young people from all social backgrounds to ensure a diverse mix of participants.

  • Active Alumni network: Through friendships and connections we create in the network, the network initiates bonds that can last for decades and have a lasting impact.

A short summary of our purpose and some key numbers we are proud of.

Find out more about the EYP in this video!

Our Impact

Large-scale evaluations of the EYP experience and societal impact of the programme, based on five International Sessions, our flagship events, in 2018 and 2019, have shown that the EYP:

Raises awareness of European issues and encourages active European citizenship

  • Almost all respondents agreed that by taking part in the event, their understanding of European decision-making improved, leaving them motivated to learn more about European topics.

  • 90% of respondents felt that their participation increased their willingness to get involved in society and/or politics

  • 99% of participants felt that they were motivated to address issues that affect the people and environment around them.

Promotes international understanding, intercultural dialogue and diversity of ideas and practices

  • 94% of respondents felt that their participation taught them to better recognise and respect different perspectives.

Contributes to the personal skills development of European youth

  • 72% of participants felt that participating in an EYP session helped improve their English.

  • 75% of participants felt that participating in EYP offered them insights into areas they could potentially work in in the future.

Provides a forum in which young people of Europe can express their own opinions, without reverting to role play.

  • There is a strong sentiment amongst all participants that taking part in an EYP session helps them become more confident in expressing their views in front of others.

  • 94% of participants said that EYP taught them to recognise and respect different perspectives.