Mission, Strategy & Values

Our mission is to inspire and empower a young generation of informed, open-minded, responsible, and active citizens that shape society and drive impact and positive change.

The long-term development of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) is laid out in our strategy for 2021 to 2027. It sustains a vibrant and relevant youth network that provides inspiration and learning opportunities for all young Europeans. All actors of the EYP network – Members, National Committees, and International Governance Entities – are involved in driving the strategy forward. They take action through tools, events, and policies of different scales on the local, regional, national, and international levels.

Our strategy and its objectives rest on 6 focus areas:

  • A network that works as a catalyst for active citizenship.

  • A network that fosters a peaceful European society.

  • A network that operates within a sustainable structure for strategic development.

  • A network that supports its volunteers and their personal growth.

  • A network that pushes for inclusion and accessibilty.

  • A network that offers a rich variety of methods, tools, and formats.

You can learn more about the EYP Strategy 2021-2027 in this video.

Our values


    The EYP is not affiliated with any political institutions or parties. No outside entities (such as sponsors, partners et al.) interfere with its activities, and their content is developed, decided upon and approved independently.


    The EYP does not take sides in political disputes or align itself with the views of certain political actors. The opinions on different political issues discussed at our events are based individually. The participants of our activities may belong to political parties and participate in their respective activities, but these affiliations do not impact the network. Such a ‘political neutrality’ however, does not imply a ‘non-political’ nature of the EYP. We are proactive members of the European civil society driving impact through those we reach as an organisation.


    The EYP is run in an open, participatory, consultative, and consensus-based manner. All decision-making entities are elected by vote, and members are actively involved in the functioning, running and decision-making processes of our organisation.


    The EYP unites young people who seek to drive impact and shape our organisation and society at large. Individual members and the entities of the EYP work together to harness our strengths and talents and support each other in our weaknesses. Thanks to this spirit of cooperation and belonging, we exist, perform and succeed. We believe in the power of volunteering and support everyone in doing their share to reach our common goals. We take pride in the achievements of our members and celebrate them together.


    The EYP celebrates diversity and strives to create a welcoming and safe environment with equal opportunities for all young Europeans. Our events feature lively and respectful dialogues and serve as platforms for voicing different opinions. We value diversity and offer a space for everyone to share their views and engage with those of others. We do not tolerate any type of discrimination based on gender and sexual orientation, ethnicity and nationality, religious and political beliefs, socio-economic status and/or physical and mental abilities.


    The EYP is a multicultural network and provides its members with opportunities to communicate and cooperate with other young people across different cultures, ethnicities, and backgrounds. Engaging with our diversity, we create connections and cultivate mutual respect. We also promote intercultural understanding on all levels of the network thanks to the cultural component of our activities where different cultures are presented through arts and artisanship.