Partner with us

We are always open to exploring tailored ways of partnering and achieving shared objectives and great things together. Partnership formats may vary from collaborations around supporting a specific topic at an EYP event to cooperation within a long-term project or educational programme.

For questions related to partnerships, please contact Anya Suprunenko, the EYP Executive Director, at


Connect with a talent pool of young changemakers across Europe.

Are you looking for young talents? We can offer unique opportunities for engaging with a vast pool of driven and diverse young leaders!

  • Prominent and sustained visibility in our communications channels targeting around 100,000 young talents from across Europe.
  • Exposure to a large group of international-minded students and young professionals of various careers.
  • Options for multi-level targeted face-to-face or online interventions and keynotes at more than 500 events annually.


Initiate dialogue and exchange on topics that are meaningful to your organisation.

Is there a topic or a theme that resonates with the values of your organisation and is close to your heart? Which discourse would you like to be associated with? Our partnership will bring a relevant theme to one or more of our youth events making you a stakeholder in our activities.

  • A wide range of events all over Europe with participants from up to 40 European countries.
  • In-depth conversations and production of opinionated outputs on your topic.
  • An opportunity to send an expert speaker, as well as contributing with expertise and input before and during the event.
  • Compelling stories and visuals for your communication, including authentic testimonials from participants in social media.


Consult with young peers on the solutions for tomorrow.

We get together a group of young peers from different European countries to tackle the topics, which are relevant to your organisation. They work together on a challenge, consult with experts, and engage in conversations with decision-makers.

  • Engaging young people from across Europe to explore and discuss your topic(s).
  • Producing in-depth insights on mindsets, values and opinions of a young target group.
  • Wide dissemination of the outcomes, professional coverage and content creation for use in social media.
  • Communication and PR opportunities throughout the project.