What we do

Through a wide range of non-formal and peer-led activities, the European Youth Parliament provides young people with spaces to develop opinions on current topics, build intercultural understanding and friendships across borders, as well as learn skills to positively shape the world around them.

Peer and civic education

Our network is run entirely by young people – for young people. Through their participation in the European Youth Parliament (EYP), young Europeans gain valuable skills, knowledge, and confidence and are empowered to have an impact on society. By offering a space for everyone to engage in discussions and share their views, the EYP established itself as an effective platform for peer and civic education.

An open forum for youth

In the EYP we think that to play an active role in shaping society, every young person should be informed and empowered. With unique formats and methodologies, we provide open and welcoming spaces for young people from all over Europe to develop, express, and discuss opinions on relevant European topics of today.

Building bridges

Engaging with our diversity we create connections and cultivate mutual respect. With a vibrant network of young changemakers participating in around 500 events in more than 40 countries, the EYP brings tens of thousands of young Europeans with different backgrounds closer together.

Personal growth

Within our activities, we create learning opportunities and offer hands-on experience for our members to take ownership and create impact both inside and outside the EYP network. We equip young people with skills to positively shape the world around them providing space for needs-based personal and professional development.

A network of changemakers

At its core, the EYP envisions a democratic, peaceful, sustainable, and open society where everyone can play an active role. Through our activities, we inspire a young generation to become informed, responsible, active citizens that shape society and drive positive change.

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