The EYP in action

Personal growth

For the many volunteers engaged in the organisation, the European Youth Parliament (EYP) offers diverse opportunities for skills development and personal growth, in particular, by taking on various functional roles. These include organising an EYP event and/or taking on a leadership position at one of the EYP’s National Committees. See here for an explanation of the roles during an EYP event.

Training is a key component of almost every EYP event, and we strive to organise a wide range of training events every year to ensure successful knowledge transfer and hands-on experience. To support the personal development of our volunteers, the EYP organises capacity-building training courses focused on facilitation, leadership, communication, fundraising, project management, inclusion, and teamwork skills. In doing so, the EYP prepares young European citizens not only to take an active role in our network but to use these skills to benefit society as a whole.