International Sessions

Our flagship events take place three or two times a year in different countries, bringing together members of every EYP National Committee and showcasing best practices for the network.

During an International Session, or in short IS, around 300 young people from 40 European countries debate the pressing issues of our time, based on the EYP Methodology.

Since 1988, nearly 100 International Sessions have been organised in more than 29 countries and 70 different cities, allowing over 20,000 young people to experience the #EYP spirit and learn how to collaborate across borders.

Run by young people, for young people

Just like all other events of the European Youth Parliament (EYP), International Sessions are organised by young people, for young people. The majority of those who take part in an International Session are the delegates. They are selected by their National Committees, usually through a competitive selection process on the national level during a National Selection Conference.

At ISs young people also take on various other roles as moderators, organisers, and members of a media team. They are selected by a selection panel, composed of representatives from the hosting National Committee, the Governing Body of the European Youth Parliament, and EYP members who have held the same positions at previous International Sessions.


  • Saskia van Berloo

    Project Manager
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