January 11, 2024

The 102nd International Session of the EYP will take place in Finland!

Meet the young leaders of the 102nd flagship event of the EYP network, which will take place in Turku in 2025.

We are happy to announce that the upcoming 102nd International Session of the European Youth Parliament will take place in Turku, Finland! We sincerely congratulate the National Committee and the volunteers who get to create this special project! We are very happy to introduce to you and share the words of the Head-Organisers Eeva Ferrer and Jasmin Alanko.

“We are delighted to introduce Turku 2025 – the 102nd International Session of the EYP and welcome the network back to Finland after 10 years since our last IS!

As 2025 marks the 30th anniversary of Finland’s membership in the EU, we seek to recognize the ever-growing importance of active (European) citizenship, cooperation, and unity in the face of growing polarization, instability, violence, and the emergence of novel challenges. Turku 2025 calls for reflection on how we can innovate the EU and Europe to build a better, more inclusive, and socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable future for its citizens while carrying its global responsibility. Together, we will strive to tackle contemporary issues considering their interconnected nature and local and global dimensions.

Turku IS 2025 will immerse young Europeans in the vibrant, historic, and multicultural city of Turku, showcasing a tapestry of diversity, solidarity, and a distinctive sense of community. We aim to actively involve both the local community and the participants in shaping a visionary project that extends beyond a session. We see Turku 2025 as an opportunity for innovation within our network when it comes to our practices and working methods as well as a chance to underline and build upon the approaches to sustainability, welfare, inclusion, education, and personal development.

We are eagerly anticipating this ihana session and extend a warm invitation for you to join us in this wonderful adventure!

Looking forward to seeing you in Turku!

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