The EYP Circle of Friends

Our Circle of Friends is a community of EYP Alumni actively supporting the mission and values of the European Youth Parliament through financial contributions.

Your contribution will provide undesignated financial support to be used by the International Office of European Youth Parliament (EYP) to cover key supporting areas: activities that are critical to the continued sustainability of the organisation but not covered by other funding sources and often forgotten.

Your contribution will have an impact on:

  • The long-term financial stability of the EYP, by securing capacities for the International Office to support active volunteers and EYP’s National Committees.
  • The diversity of the EYP participants by providing travel grants and participation fees deduction to participants from low-socio-economic backgrounds.
  • A strong alumni network with a significant impact on society.
  • Our efforts to fulfil our mission – inspiring and empowering young people from across Europe to be open-minded, tolerant, and active citizens.

This is how your contribution can help!

Our aim is to establish a permanent circle of EYP supporters consisting of people that have influenced and/or supported the EYP from the very first International Session in 1987 until now. This initiative aims to ultimately guarantee that the EYP remains financially sustainable.

We invite everyone who wants to support the EYP to join the EYP Circle of Friends!

How do I join?

We invite everyone who wants to support the EYP to join the EYP Circle of Friends. The only condition for joining the EYP Circle of Friends is to make an annual donation (starting from 120€ and above). The average member currently contributes 140€ annually – less than €15 a month. After you fill out the application form, we will send you information on the next steps.

As a member of EYP Circle of friends you will be able to:

  • Receive regular updates from the EYP’s Executive Director on the positive impacts of your contribution, namely in helping the EYP remain culturally relevant, as an organisation that understands younger generations’ thought processes, ongoing challenges, and civic interests.
  • Be invited to attend a yearly Circle of Friends Summit to share your thoughts on the strategic direction of the EYP.

Prefer a single donation?

Should you want to donate only one time, you can do so by going to our “Donate” page.


If you have any questions, please, get in touch with us at