Alumni activities

Our Alumni network organises a wide range of activities throughout the year such as reunions, Happy Hours, as well as #AlumniTalks that aim to engage current and past generations of members of the European Youth Parliament.

From June 24th to June 26th 2022, more than 100 Alumni and active members joined together in Berlin to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the network with a programme featuring an Alumni Talk about the role of youth in civil societies in Eastern Europe, a gala evening, and the much-awaited EYP History Book launch!

The Mentorship programme

The EYP Mentorship programme provides EYP Alumni with an opportunity to contribute to the personal development of current EYP members. The aim is to connect young EYP volunteers who are beginning their professional careers with EYP Alumni who are experienced and can share their professional expertise. Over 200 mentoring tandems have been created as part of the mentorship programme, leading to an outstanding amount of learning and personal development happening!

The Circle of friends

The Circle of friends is a community of EYP Alumni actively supporting the EYP’s mission and values. With this community, our aim is to establish a permanent group of EYP supporters consisting of people that have influenced and/or supported the EYP from the very first International Session in 1987 to the current day.

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The #AlumniTalks provide a space for EYP Alumni to share their knowledge and experiences about their career path or particular industries, skills, and world events with current EYP members. Over 20 of these talks have been held, and 500 participants have learned and been inspired by them! Watch the previous #AlumniTalks on our Youtube channel, and stay on the lookout for more – we hold them regularly throughout the year!

Alumni reunions

Every year, EYP Alumni have a chance to reunite during the international Alumni Reunion. This is an excellent opportunity for our Alumni to experience the current EYP environment, see how the EYP has developed since their involvement as active participants, listen to high-profile speakers, meet with old and new friends, and reconnect with the EYP spirit.

Happy Hours

Worldwide Alumni Happy Hours are informal reunion events for all former EYP members organised by Alumni in their respective cities. Two rounds of Alumni Happy Hours take place every year. So far, these have been held in more than 20 cities, uniting EYP Alumni from Washington D.C., Hong Kong, and Shanghai to Brussels, London, and Kyiv.