May 15, 2024

Throwback to EYE Berlin

Local EYE Berlin brought the unique experience of the European Youth Event (EYE) to Berlin, offering young people from across the continent the opportunity to meet other young people, inspire one another, and exchange ideas.

European Youth Parliament launched first Local European Youth Event in Berlin

Event Overview: Uniting Young Voices in Berlin

From April 18th to 20th, the city of Berlin became a buzzing hub of youth dialogue, hosting around 1,200 young Europeans in anticipation of the upcoming European elections.

EYE Berlin was especially significant due to the upcoming European elections and the recent lowering of the voting age to 16, which enhanced the involvement and impact of younger citizens in political processes.

Dynamic Workshops and Panels at Colosseum Berlin
The event was held at the iconic Colosseum Berlin, where attendees participated in over 65 workshops and panel discussions led by a coalition of more than 40 NGOs, EU services, and Members of the European Parliament. The discussions spanned vital topics including democracy, European unity, sustainability, and the frontiers of innovation.

Leadership Reflections: Insights from the Front Lines

Project leader Lira Mikayelyan shared her reflections on the organization process that started back in November 2023: “Seeing all the participants join us brought back memories of when we started this journey. The beautiful and inspiring ideas from volunteers and participants will now contribute to shaping the future of Europe.”

The Director of the European Youth Parliament also emphasized the broader impact, stating, “Our mission is to empower these young people to shape Europe’s future through collaboration and cultural exchange. We are proud to host the Local EYE and welcome over 1,000 Europeans to Berlin this weekend.”

Engagement and Outcomes: Shaping the Future Together

The intensive discussions aimed to address the European elections, foster a unified Europe, encourage sustainability, and innovate governance practices.

These will be encapsulated in the “Youth Ideas Report,” a comprehensive document of recommendations destined for the European Parliament.

Highlights from the workshops included a call for a more inclusive European community and proposals for collective financial strategies inspired by successful EU initiatives.

Reflections from Participants: A New Wave of European Leaders

The event’s close brought enthusiastic testimonials from participants like Ole Teschke, possibly the youngest candidate for the upcoming European elections in Germany: “It’s fantastic that so many young people participate in EYE Berlin. The atmosphere is special; you meet young Europeans, make new friends, and everyone is keenly interested in Europe and politics.”

Nicolas Kuietche Fonkou, a board member of the German-French Youth Committee, also shared his positive experience: “The wait was worth it. Thanks to EYE Berlin, I have learned a lot in a short time and am heading home with a bag full of beautiful memories!”

Conclusion: A Catalyst for Change

The Local EYE in Berlin not only served as a platform for vibrant discussions and future shaping but also showcased the dynamic potential of Europe’s youngest citizens to steer innovation and political influence within the European landscape.

We are endlessly grateful to our 40 volunteers and head organizers—Lira Mikayelyan, Alonso Císcar, and Johan Davies—who brought this event to life, as well as to every participant and organization that attended EYE Berlin.

EYE Berlin is co-funded and supported by the European Parliament.

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