February 12, 2024

Have your Say! Young Citizens’ Dialogue on Climate and Energy Policy 

Join the upcoming digital EYP event with MEP Ms. Heidi Hautala.

Attention young change makers! Mark your calendars for an upcoming EYP event “Have Your Say! Young Citizens’ Dialogue on Climate and Energy Policy”, that will take place online on February 20, 17.00 CET.

Amidst the climate crisis, there’s a slowdown in ambitious climate action, compounded by other global crises. Young people are pivotal in shaping EU climate policy, especially as first-time voters join the conversation. Recognising this urgency, EYP and the Schwarzkopf Foundation are hosting a virtual dialogue connecting MEPs with young citizens. It bridges the gap between policymakers and youth, allowing direct engagement on climate and energy policies. This initiative reflects the growing importance of youth voices in politics and promotes informed decision-making. Join us to drive urgency and commitment to addressing climate challenges in the EU.

As Europe gears up for the upcoming elections in June 2024, your voice matters more than ever. Join us for an engaging dialogue with with  MEP Ms. Heidi Hautala, where you will get to dive deep into discussions about vital climate and energy policies, crucial for shaping our collective future.

The event will be moderated by the EYP’s very own Young European Multipliers for Climate Action (YEMCA). They are on a mission to amplify your concerns and aspirations ahead of the European elections.

Don’t miss this event to address a European policy-maker with your questions and concerns, connect with fellow youth, and be part of a movement that’s shaping Europe’s future.