March 2, 2017

The councils of EYP 2017 are selected!

The network of the European Youth Parliament selected its four steering groups, which will support the network by building new capacities, developing the EYP’s content related work and carrying out agendas set by the Governing Body.

Next to the areas which were defined by the Governing Body and in which the councils need to report to the Governing Body, they are free to set new goals and topics they want to work on.

The GB selected the council members during its meeting in Berlin on 20-22 January 2017. In 2017 the Councils consist of members from National Committees from 15 countries: Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Serbia, Sweden, the Netherlands, and Ukraine, as well as International Office project managers, and members of the Governing Body.

Each of the four councils is working in a specific field of interest.

The Academic Council is working on new concepts, evaluates best practices and develops committee topics for the sessions within the European Youth Parliament.

The Training and Alumni Development Council will continue to develop training events on the national and international levels. In addition, it is improving the EYP educational aims and the methodology the network is using in its events.
To foster further development of initiatives, newly founded and established national committees, the Regional Development Council is building a support structure for the network. It is gathering best practices on the organizational level and is encouraging the exchange between the 40 national organisations of the EYP.
Teachers have an important role in the European Youth Parliament and are supporting their students on a national and international level. The Educational Council is working on improving their engagement in the network. It is evaluating their participation during sessions and the way they are working together with national committees.

For further information about the EYP Councils, as well as getting to know the new teams for 2017 click.