EYP Councils

The EYP Councils play a critical role in the development of EYP. When it comes to the quality of trainings, the input of teachers, or the support for new National Committees, there are a lot of opportunities for further improvement. Each Council works in a specific area and with a specific set of objectives. The Councils report to the Governing Body (GB) and work in close connection with the International Office. You can read more about the Councils and their work here.


The members of the 2019 Councils are listed below.


Safe Core Team 2019

Adam Kraus, CZ
Yannick Louwerse, NL
Nazlı İrem Apaydın, TR
Sezen Deniz Tokadam, TR
Camilla Hatling, NO
Elina Mäkelä, FI
Laura Korn, NL
Maria Manolescu, RO (Governing Body)
Weronika Betta, PL (Chair)

Media and Communication Council 2019

Lukas Ischlstoger, AT
Annemari Sepp, EE
Anthony Fedorov, FI
Luca Draisci, IT
Katarina Stefanovic, RS
Vanda Petrak, HR
Sofie De Jong, NL
Noura Berrouba, SE (Governing Body)
Âli Argun Okumuşoğlu, TR (Chair)

Development Council 2019

Ilija Jerković, RS
Jade Coatlicue Jimenez Salgado, FI
Srđan Hromiš, RS
Ilona Cenolli, AL
Dionysis Patriarcheas, GR (Governing Body)
Janis Fifka, DE (Chair)

Training and Member Development Council 2019 

Noel Lessinger, LU
Michalis (Mike) Dalmira, CY
Alicja Turakiewicz, PL
Tobias Satlow, AT
Aïcha Bouchelaghem, CH
Aleksa Antić, RS
Maria Manolescu, RO (Governing Body)
Marta Sznajder, PL (Chair)

Council on Education, Outreach and Inclusion 2019

Aleksandra Sawa, PL
Andor Šereš,  RS
Levon Tadevosyan, AM
Mateusz Wiza, SI
Lika Abramishvili, GE
Helga Dirlinger, AT (Governing Body)
Stefan Hadžović, RS (Chair)