EYP Councils

The EYP Councils play a critical role in the development of EYP. When it comes to the quality of trainings, the input of teachers, or the support for new National Committees, there are a lot of opportunities for further improvement. Each Council works in a specific area and with a specific set of objectives. The Councils report to the Governing Body (GB) and work in close connection with the International Office. You can read more about the Councils and their work here.


The members of the 2018 Councils are listed below.


Academic Council 2018


Aleksa Antić, RS
Kerstin Reisinger, AT
Toni Dirlinger, AT
Elena S. Tadić, RS
Dan Grinevics, LV
Lars Kieni, CH
Maria Köpping, AT
Christos Zois, GR
Ioanna Yiallourides, CY (Governing Body)
Noura Berrouba, SE (Governing Body)
Barış C. Kaştaş, TR (Chair)
Monika Seidel, DE (International Office)

Educational Council 2018


Niklas Sannowitz, DE
Ripa Hovsepyan, AM (Chair)
Levon Tadevosyan, AM
Kenny Gray, UK
Andia Mavromati, CY
Leonor Amaral, PT
Helga Dirlinger, AT (Governing Body)
Helena Karnitskaya, UA (International Office)

Development Council 2018


Klara Kokalj, SI
Milana Ibrahimova, AZ
Davit Manukyan, AM
Dora Dimitrova, SE
Dorota Nowaczewska, PL
Marek Navrátil, CZ (Governing Body)
Kevin Boland, IE (Chair)
Valeriya Boyko, UA (International Office)

Training and Member Development Council 2018


Razvan Lacatusu, RO
Giedre Birmontaite, LT
Valentina Dytrychová, CZ
Guldana Dadashova, AZ
Isidora Smigic, RS
Giada Benfatto, FR
Nathan Hunter, UA
Marek Navrátil, CZ (Governing Body)
Marta Sznajder, PL (Chair)
Barbara Pakowska, PL (International Office)

Outreach and Inclusion Council Council 2018


Ekin Su Yılmaz, TR
Andor Šereš,  RS
Shahin Pashazade, AZ
Polina Sirotina, CZ
Laura Korn, NL
Mariam Kunchulia, UA
Anthony McKee, UK (Governing Body)
Stefan Hadžović, RS (Chair)
Marilou Pelmont, FR (International Office)