EYP Councils

The EYP Councils play a critical role in the development of EYP. When it comes to the quality of trainings, the input of teachers, or the support for new National Committees, there are a lot of opportunities for further improvement. Each Council works in a specific area and with a specific set of objectives. The Councils report to the Governing Body (GB) and work in close connection with the International Office. You can read more about the Councils and their work here.

The deadline for the Call for Councils 2018, is scheduled to be on Wednesday 24th January 2018, 12.00 CET.

To apply, click on the following link: http://polls.eyp.org/councils-2018


The members of the 2017 Councils are listed below.


Academic Council 2017


Anastasia Ntracha, GR
Avnik Melikian, AM
Franziska Maier, DE
Anna Hagarová, CZ
Tim Backhaus, FI
Laure Steinville, FR
Lars-Erik Nyborg, NO (Chair, Governing Body)
Anya Suprunenko, UA (International Office)






Educational Council 2017


Barry Hennessy, IE
Aspasia Kontogianni, GR
Dominic Kealey, UK
Janis Fifka, DE
Alex Blin, FR
Emil Bremnes, NO
Anthony McKee, IE (Chair, Governing Body)
Kerstin Eckart, DE (International Office)






Regional Development Council 2017


Eveliina Hannikainen, FI
Dora Dimitrova, SE
Stefan Hadžović, RS
Arman Gasparian, AM
Heidi Renault, FR
Emiljo Jazxhi, AL
Halyna Virt, UA
Iina Lappalainen, FI
Viktor Salenius, FI
Isabel Cantalapiedra, ES (Chair, Governing Body)
Monika Seidel, DE(International Office)





Training and Alumni Development Council 2017


Valerie Boyko, UA
Lena Strehmann, AT
Cliona Cowling, IE
Nataliia Senatorova, UA
Olha Shvets, UA
Noura Berrouba, SE (Chair, Governing Body)
Mandy Buschina, DE (International Office)