January 20, 2023

Strong Civic Spaces in Ukraine

Participants of the 6th Training Camp of EYP Ukraine hugging in the bunker during an air raid.

Photo by Marta-Anastasiya Yakovenko

On the 24th of February 2022, the world was shocked by the news of Russia’s all-out attack on Ukraine. This war, which is still waging on, has led to the loss of lives, restriction of freedom, and displacement of millions of people, many having to flee the country. Despite the most challenging circumstances imaginable, members of our network from Ukraine and the activities of our national organisation in Ukraine persisted. This year begins with the “Rebuild Ukraine Lab”, taking place from 20-22 January in Lviv and Warsaw simultaneously, focusing on the challenges of climate neutrality and sustainable energy transition in the process of Ukraine’s post-war reconstruction.

Restarting of activities

Many of the members of EYP Ukraine stayed in the country and continued their efforts in educating young people in the field of active citizenship. In 2022, they successfully organised two digital events in April and July, gathering more than 100 young people from Ukraine and wider Europe.

A support Fund for Young People from Ukraine was established in conjunction with a crowdfunding campaign that allows anyone to contribute to the fund, ensuring even more young Ukrainians can participate in EYP activities across Europe, even after the end of the project. You can find the betterplace.org campaign here.

At the end of October, EYP Ukraine also organised the first major event since the start of the war – the 6th Training Camp. Around 50 participants gathered in Lviv from all over Ukraine and received peer training on topics of team leadership, organising, and media work, as well as active citizenship in Ukraine. The event further showed the strong spirit and resilience that Ukrainians, young and old, have demonstrated in these past horrific months.

“The camp was my first experience with the EYP that sparked me to join this inspiring community of young world changers.” – Anna, participant of the 6th Training Camp of EYP Ukraine

All activities of the Youth Dialogue for Strong Civic Spaces project are supported by the German Federal Foreign Office in the frame of the Civil Society Cooperation Programme. You can read more on the Youth Dialogue for Strong Civic Spaces project on our website.

Modules at the 6th Training Camp of EYP Ukraine.

Photo by Marta-Anastasiya Yakovenko

Events and projects in 2023

The Rebuild Ukraine Lab is the first event of the Climate Youth Action Plan, a project of the International Office in partnership with the E.ON Stiftung. The lab will be a three-day think tank where 20 young Europeans will be able to develop visions and ideas on a variety of topics related to rebuilding Ukraine, ranging from energy security and efficiency, the sustainable reconstruction of public institutions to socially sustainable urban planning.

We want to thank all members of the European Youth Parliament from across Europe for stepping up and doing their best to support their Ukrainian peers and their families.

You can find the statement of the Governing Body of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) regarding the invasion of Ukraine here.

Many brave young people of Ukraine also decided to share their stories, which you can find on our profile on the media platform Medium.

We would be happy to arrange interview opportunities with key figures and volunteers behind the event as well as our national organisation in Ukraine.