June 26, 2023

Launching the Strategy Focus Groups

In an effort to ensure the successful implementation of the EYP Strategy 2021-2025, the EYP Governing Body (GB) is launching Strategy Focus Groups that will bring together National Committees (NCs) and active EYP members.

The groups will serve as platforms for discussing translating the strategy’s pillars into concrete actions. By fostering the exchange of strategy-related ideas, knowledge, and best practices, the Focus Groups aim to create a strategy driven by members and reflects the diversity of the EYP network.

For National Committees, the Focus Groups provide all board members with an opportunity for broader involvement in international governance discussions. Additionally, EYPers who are not currently NC board members can actively contribute to shaping the strategy rollout with their unique perspectives. The Focus Groups will also serve as a space for the international dissemination of innovative projects, enabling the sharing of ideas and enhancing ongoing initiatives.

Individual EYP members who are not part of their NC boards are also strongly encouraged to participate in the Strategy Focus Groups. Their perspectives play a vital role in implementing the strategy and making the EYP’s governance structures more accessible to the entire network. Each Focus Group will focus on one pillar of the strategy and will be facilitated by GB members aligned with that specific pillar.

The Strategy Focus Groups will contribute not only to the development of concrete implementation ideas but also to the pillars of the strategy itself. Discussions will be summarized into a comprehensive report and a database of ideas, ensuring that valuable insights are not lost after the term ends. The report will be shared with the network for implementation at the NC or session level, enabling the collective progress towards the strategy’s objectives.

To join a Focus Group, participants should be willing to contribute for the entire term, which includes approximately three digital meetings and additional discussions on Discord. Even without pre-existing projects or knowledge, NCs are encouraged to send representatives to discuss ways to potentially implement a pillar. The main goals of the Focus Groups are to foster collaborative brainstorming and the development of new ideas as well as bring the network closer to the Strategy and its objectives.

For more information and any questions about the Strategy Focus Groups, interested individuals can reach out to Johann Davies, the GB Associate on Strategy Focus Groups, via johannddavieseurope@gmail.com, or Lira Mikayelyan, the GB member on Strategic Development, via l.mikayelyan@eyp.org.

Let’s come together and shape the future of the EYP network through the Strategy Focus Groups!