October 18, 2017

How could the EYP work better for its alumni?

A newsletter perhaps, or mentoring programmes? Knowledge transfer to the new generations of active volunteers, or rather help with future fundraising efforts? Counselling EYP on later gained areas of expertise?

Ideas on how to work with alumni members of an organisation can be numerous, and EYP is in the process of finding the right measures for its vast youth network. On October 13th a group of 10 EYP alumni met in Berlin to discuss what has now taken the shape of the Alumni Strategy. The participants represented different generations of EYP: for some, the first event was in 1995, and others were still active in different roles in 2017. Despite the vast differences in EYP events throughout these 20 years, EYP alumni still shared common memories, stories and jokes from their experiences with the organisation.

Discussions on how to work with and engage alumni of the network started already this July in Brno, Czech Republic at the 30 years anniversary celebration of the European Youth Parliament. There, during one of the workshops, a group of experienced EYPers covered the very first steps in reconnecting with EYP alumni.

During the recent meeting in October, participants designed concrete next steps to increase alumni engagement. They agreed on the immediate follow-up in reconnecting the hundreds of alumni across Europe.

Now also YOUR ideas are asked! Give us feedback and let us know what do you think we could do to engage more with people who participated in EYP so far. Drop us an e-mail at info(a)eyp.org with the title: “Alumni Strategy”.

We look forward to your input!