January 31, 2019

Can young people have meaningful opinions on the future of energy?

Power Shifts project cycle goes forward! This time energy was discussed as one of the topics during a session in Villach, hosted by the European Youth Parliament Austra in mid-January 2019.  Around 40 participants from the Netherlands, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, Albania, Luxembourg, Slovenia, Serbia, France, Ukraine, Austria, and Germany discussed the pressing challenges of today under the motto: “Modernisation ahead – can technology power our society?”.

The energy-focused committee (ITRE) discussed the question of how the EU can provide its citizens with affordable, clean energy and technologically advanced energy production methods while ensuring energy security across all European borders.

Amelia Navarre (AT), the Head Organisers at the Regional session Villach shared her vision regarding the future of Europe’s energy:

“Although it might seem a little far-fetched now, I honestly see Europe becoming a global role model for clean, smart and renewable energy. Clean energy initiatives are already in full swing, the deadline for the renewable energy target in 2020 is fast approaching and Europe keeps setting renewable energy records, showing us that the pace of change is bound to accelerate even more in the upcoming years”.

We congratulate all participant on the new knowledge and skills gained during the session. We hope that inspirations from Villach will encourage them to keep searching for new perspectives and create solutions to the crucial issues of our time.