An invaluable education, an unforgettable journey, and an incredible experience.

Delegate, 17, Ireland

Upcoming Sessions:

  • Ireland

    Cork 2014 International Forum

  • Romania

    Muntenia Regional Selection Session of EYP Romania 2014-Autumn

  • Finland

    Savonlinna 2014 – Regional Session of EYP Finland

  • Ukraine

    ASK 2014: Agora on Security Kyiv by EYP-Ukraine

Latest News:

Call for Young European of the Year 2015

Two months before the prize ceremony for the Young European of the year 2014, we now call for nominations for the prize of the Young European of the Year 2015. This prize is handed out by the Schwarzkopf Stiftung Junges Europa, the international umbrella organisation of the EYP.

We are looking for young people from Europe between the ages of 18 and 26. She or he should have worked in an honorary capacity towards the understanding between peoples and/or European integration and in the process have achieved exemplary success: Young people who have learned to act with initiative, personal commitment and a sense of responsibility, thus showing they are prepared to grasp the opportunities of our time in forging peaceful coexistence in a Europe of diversity.

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Call for three new members of the EYP’s Governing Body


Deadline for candidacies and nominations is the 29th of October. Find more information here.


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Picture of the Year 2014

09_Riccardo Passarella

We’re again looking for the EYP Picture of the Year! Upload your picture here:

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Resolution Booklet of Barcelona 2014 published!

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