The EYP in action

Building Bridges

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) embraces and celebrates the diversity of the European continent.

We welcome all young people from different backgrounds, cultures and regions across Europe and strive to make our activities accessible for all whilst providing a safe environment for participation, learning, and taking responsibility.

During EYP’s International Sessions and International Forums, groups of young people and delegations from 40 European countries come together to debate, develop and express their opinions on the pressing issues of our time. By encouraging the exchange and dialogue amongst young people in Europe, the EYP fosters intercultural exchange and understanding and inspires friendships across the continent.


Thanks to our cooperation with the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), questions concerning refugees and migration have become an integral part of the EYP’s debates at the International Sessions. We involve young refugees and stateless persons in our sessions, invite experts, and encourage participants to engage with the topics based on their experience. Watch the video above to find out more.

Intercultural understanding

The EYP is a network that includes many different cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds. We provide our members with opportunities to cooperate and exchange with other young people from across the continent. By engaging with our diversity on various levels, we create connections and cultivate mutual respect and promote intercultural understanding on all levels of the network.

  • 73.3% of participants strongly feel that the session taught them to approach cultural differences in a critical, but respectful manner.

  • 96.5% of participants made new friends from different European countries during their participation in an International Session.

  • 93% of participants stated that the EYP increased their appreciation for cultural diversity since participation.

*based on the EYP Impact Assessment 2018-19