March 14, 2024

The Media Academy 2024 Exploring the World of Media and Communications

Deep dive into the world of media at our annual Media Academy.

The Team and Focus

The event was meticulously planned by Julia Waligora and Rostyslav Lisovski. As input providers, they have secured Jovan Borcic and Anna Hakobyan for us on the ground. Alexandra Salo, the Young European Multiplier for Climate Action, will be part of the weekend as a Trainer, accompanied by Lovisa Skoglund, the editor. As peer educators, Georgiana Oltenau and Levon Shoyan, along with our awareness team including Daniela Cappiccio from Understanding Europe and Lena Tschentscher, are integral to delivering a comprehensive and impactful program.

This year, the Media Academy emphasizes educating youth about the European Elections, aiming to engage young voters and enhance media literacy through a diverse training program. Aligned with the Climate Youth Action Plan (CYAP) in collaboration with Eon Stiftung and the YOUthVOTE project, the event is funded by significant bodies including the European Parliament, the European Union, and the Bertelsmann Foundation, the academy broadens its impact and scope, fostering a holistic approach to media production.

Educational Endeavors and Collaborative Growth

Organized in partnership with Understanding Europe, the Media Academy operates as a space for education and collaboration. By integrating the CYAP and YOUthVOTE projects into this year’s curriculum, the academy aims to address a variety of perspectives, highlighting the significance of active citizenship and voting with the European Elections coming up in June 2024.

Participants will dive into workshops led by experienced EYP members and external experts, covering essential topics such as communication strategies, marketing, and inclusivity in event organization. These sessions are designed to provide practical skills and insights, enabling attendees to make a positive impact within their communities and contribute meaningfully to the broader objectives of the EYP.

A Platform for Future Changemakers

The Media Academy transcends being merely a learning hub; it is an investment in the future of Europe’s youth, preparing them for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead, regardless of their career path. Set against the backdrop of Berlin’s vibrant culture, the event promises not only to be educational but also a stimulating and enriching experience.

As the event approaches, anticipation for the innovative ideas and projects that will emerge continues to grow. The Media Academy 2024 is poised to underscore the significance of media and communication in empowering young volunteers and catalyzing social change, providing them with the necessary tools to effectively navigate today’s complex media landscape.

It is an unique opportunity for young individuals to deepen the participants media and communication understanding, contributing to a more informed, inclusive, and democratic society.

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