Ampliyfing young voices in the European elections 2024


The European elections 2024 are a major milestone for European democracy - let's make sure young voices are heard in the process!

Inspiring a young generation of informed and active citizens is at the core of the EYP’s mission and activities. We are therefore particularly excited to engage young Europeans in democratic participation and the European elections via the YOUthVOTE project.

The European elections will take place from 6-9 June 2024.

YOUthVOTE is implemented by the International Office of the European Youth Parliament and is funded by the European Parliament and the European Union. We are also happy for YOUthVOTE4Europe to be a part of the #NowEurope project of the Bertelsmann Foundation.

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Use your vote. Or others will decide for you. European elections, 6-9 June 2024.


  • Empower EYP national organisations and EYP participants to address the European elections 2024.

  • Mobilise first-time voters to participate in the European elections.

  • Build on the media skills of the EYP community.

The project increases civic democratic participation among young people ahead of the European Elections by empowering actors from the EYP network with capacities, tools and direct opportunities to further multiply their acquired knowledge and awareness.

Via the #YOUthVOTE communication campaign and dialogue events shaped and delivered by and for young people, the EYP will mobilise first-time voters to participate in democratic life by exercising their right to vote.

A dedicated Project Fund is available to support the EYP’s national organisations in connecting their civic engagement to address the European elections and mobilise their peers.

Contact persons

  • Sarah Bittner

    Communications Manager
  • Lira Mikayelyan

    Member of the Governing Body