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Stand with Ukrainian Youth

Support Fund for the Young People from Ukraine

About the initiative

The EYP is grounded on the values of independence, democracy, and community. Therefore, this initiative is launched within the Youth Dialogue for Strong Civic Spaces project to continue creating and providing equal opportunities for young people all over Europe.

The Stand with Ukrainian Youth support fund will enable young Ukrainians, high school, and university students, who have either temporarily moved to other countries or stayed at home, to participate in EYP events together with other young Europeans. We will also provide financial and informational support to all the National Committees interested to engage young Ukrainians in their local and regional offline and online activities.

In this way, we hope to give young Ukrainians a chance to continue engaging with their peers from across the continent as well as to continue pursuing activities close to them, in support of their mental health and well-being in times of war.


  • Engage and speak up

  • Have your voice heard

  • Join a community of peers with shared values

  • Opportunities for young Ukrainians

    Find out more about EYP activities in your current location and apply for travel support to the EYP event. You can find out more by reaching out to the board of EYP Ukraine.

  • Donate to the Support Fund

    All contributions will be used to sponsor the young people who temporarily moved to other countries, as well as those who remained in Ukraine. You can donate through our project on

  • Learn more from those directly impacted by the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

    We would like to utilise the platform that EYP has, to share and amplify the voices of those directly affected by the Russian-Ukrainian war. We thank our young members from Ukraine for sharing their story, which you can find on the platform Medium.

The donations received will be complemented for a limited timeframe by funds from the “Youth Dialogue for Strong Civic Spaces” project, supported by the German Federal Foreign Office. However, given the increased needs inherent to this difficult period, through this funding action, we seek to secure long-term backing for continued financial assistance to Ukrainian volunteers.