October 25, 2017

EYP’s third annual International Session to focus on conflicts and peacebuilding

In 2017, over 65 million people worldwide were reported as being forcibly on the move, either as internally displaced people or as refugees beyond their state’s borders. While international organisations such as the UN and the EU have prepared responses and addressed their member states’ commitments to international refugee conventions, pressing questions regarding conflict mediation, refugee aid and family reunion policies, among many other topics, remain unsolved.

The 86th International Session of the European Youth Parliament will take place under the theme Linking Peace, Stability and Advancement: Preventing International Conflicts”. Over 300 participants will come together in Tbilisi to talk about 15 various issues that focus on sustainable peace and conflict prevention and discuss how the European Union can strengthen its position as a stabilising force and peace-builder both within and beyond the borders of Europe.

The fifteen committees will review on-going issues and conflicts in countries that vary from Yemen to Eastern Europe to Turkey and develop ideas on the concrete actions the EU and the international community should take. At the same time, delegates will have the opportunity to focus on normative and moral questions and take a stance on issues regarding international affairs and peacebuilding such as the EU’s stance towards unmanned aerial vehicles in armed conflicts or securing the rights of prisoners.

This session will also continue the newly established partnership with the UNHCR, this time through the work of the committee on Civil Liberties that will discuss the questions on statelessness.

The full list of committee topics can be found here: