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EYP starts cooperation with UNHCR

Questions concerning refugees and migration have become a solid part of public debate since 2015, and will most likely continue to stay on the European political agenda. The European Youth Parliament works to bring European issues closer to young people, and in order to relate topics such as asylum and statelessness better to its participants, a new cooperation with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) has been established for the 85th International Session in Brno.

At the International Session in July 2017, the UNHCR will participate at the expert level in order to engage with young participants, including young (former) refugees and stateless persons. UNHCR and EYP aim to have youth actively participate in European affairs through EYP on issues related to asylum, migration and statelessness, in an informed and empowering way. This would also support the causes of UNHCR’s #WithRefugees and #IBelong campaigns.

EYP asks people from its network to join UNHCR in its efforts and to add theirname to the #WithRefugees petition to send a clear message to governments that they must act with solidarity and shared responsibility, as well as to sign the open letter to end statelessness and join the supporters from all over the world who are helping to change the lives of the 10 million people in the world who have no nationality.

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