September 9, 2017

Capacity building events this autumn

One of the best ways to improve an organisation? Invest in people. This is why, this autumn we’re planning few capacity building events to provide training courses and enable knowledge-sharing for EYP members from all around Europe. We strive to put emphasis on peer to peer learning by inviting experienced and more senior members of the network to share their expertise. However, there is always a need to think out of the box, question the status quo and develop our skills further. To meet those needs we join forces with external trainers that are able to bring new methodology and ideas to the network.

This weekend EYP Summer Academy has kicked off, a four day training event aiming to support and further develop the work of our National Committees. It is already our third event of the kind and for the first time, it’s organised outside of Berlin. This time it will take place in sunny Portugal involving about 100 participants.

During those days our network members will have the opportunity to take part in different training modules grouped under five different tracks: Fundraising, Outreach and Inclusion, National Committee Management and Development, PR and Communication and an additional fifth track for knowledge sharing. To make sure our topics are relevant to the attendees, the trainings are based on needs analysis developed beforehand.

On the other side of the continent, in Azerbaijan, a training event took place this August within the framework of the BASES project: the first Training Camp of EYP Azerbaijan focussing on developing the organisation, communication and chairing skills of around 100 EYPers from the region. EYP Ukraine hosted already their 2nd Training Camp and welcomed 100 EYPers in the Carparthian Mountains.

In an organisation as big as European Youth Parliament we strive to put focus on diversity. In order to do so, this autumn EYP Armenia will host the 1st Diversity Lab of the European Youth Parliament. We’ve invited 15 young Europeans to get skills to become change agents in their National Committees and shape EYP to become a more inclusive organisation.

By helping to increase the knowledge of young multipliers in our network we hope to enable them to create more impact and build strong, pluralistic and inclusive Europe.