BASES – Building A Strong European Society

BASES – Building a Strong European Society is a project by the European Youth Parliament in cooperation with the German Federal Foreign Office. It aims at enhancing dialogue and mutual understanding as well as broadening the cooperation among civil society in the countries of the Eastern Partnership. In order to achieve these goals, the project stands on four main pillars.


1. Fostering activities in the National Committees of EYP in the countries of the Eastern Partnership

A series of regional sessions, national conferences and international forums is at the core of the BASES project. These events are organised by EYP Armenia, EYP Azerbaijan, EYP Belarus, EYP Georgia, EYP Lithuania, EYP Russia and EYP Ukraine.

You can find a complete list of the events and their descriptions here.


2. Capacity Building

Capacity building training courses will be organised to strengthen the skills of EYP’s young volunteers, enabling them to take up various responsibilities within the EYP network. These measures including among others: a training camp in Ukraine, a Diversity Lab in Armenia and a training for chair’s and trainers in Azerbaijan.


3. Travel Grants

At EYP events, participants experience firsthand the importance of intercultural dialogue and learning about other points of view and ideas. We want to spread this pluralistic approach and make EYP accessible for all, especially for those who face financial challenges due to the economic situation in their countries. Travel grants for these young people make their participation in EYP activities possible, giving them the chance to experience intercultural exchange abroad in the form of training courses, parliamentary simulations and discussion events.

4. Understanding Europe

The school project Understanding Europe of the Schwarzkopf-Foundation exists since 2009. The idea behind the project is simple: A trainer team, comprised out of students, visits schools in different regions of Germany to present the system of the European Union and to discuss with the pupils. Already in 2014, the idea of these courses in the framework of Understanding Europe has spread within the EYP network in Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, The Netherlands, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Portugal, Spain, Estonia and Italy. As part of this project, Understanding Europe will be further supported in Ukraine and also be available to students in Armenia and Azerbaijan.

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