-FOCUS- Promoting Fundamental Rights through Charter Use in Society

FOCUS aims to raise public awareness of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (CFREU) and help key stakeholders to use it more effectively.

What is the CFREU? 

The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (CFREU) is a document that outlines the fundamental rights and freedoms that everyone in the EU is entitled to. These rights include dignity, freedoms, equality, solidarity, citizens’ rights, and justice. The Charter ensures that these rights are protected and respected by the EU institutions and member states.

The European Youth Parliament, along with four other European organisations, will carry out a transnational project focusing on four main areas:
1. Media Capacity Building: Enhancing media capacity to highlight the impact of the Charter.
2. Expert Discourse: Facilitating expert discussions on the application of the Charter.
3. Sub-national Application: Promoting the use of the Charter at the sub-national level.
4. Youth Engagement: Encouraging participatory engagement with the Charter among young people, which is the focus of the EYP.

EYP’s Mission for CFREU Awareness: 

Empower young Europeans to understand, engage with, and advocate for the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (CFREU) through targeted capacity-building, social media content, publications, call for proposals and other strategic initiatives.

National Committee Project Fund: YouthRights Dialogue Proposals 

National Committees are invited to submit proposals to organise a YouthRights Dialogue event in their country. Proposals should outline the objectives, activities, and budget plan for the event, with a maximum budget of 1000 euros. This event is meant to be part of the session you are already organizing in your country, ensuring it integrates seamlessly into your existing agenda. Alternatively, you can organise it as an independent event if feasible. You can find more information about the Call for Applications here.

What is the YouthRights Dialogue? 

The YouthRights Dialogue is an opportunity for National Committees of the European Youth Parliament to engage young people in discussions and activities centered around the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (CFREU). By organising a YouthRights Dialogue event, you can provide a platform for youth to explore, discuss, and advocate for fundamental rights issues relevant to the National Committee.
Ready to Take Action? 

Step up and advocate for fundamental rights and youth participation in your country! Share your idea for a YouthRights Dialogue here.

Future Activities

  • Training Academy 2024

    The Training Academy 2024, taking place from July 2nd to July 7th in Berlin, will offer members of our network and beyond the opportunity to engage in meaningful discussions, debate pressing issues, and collaboratively develop resolutions relevant to the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union (CFREU). This event aims to build participants’ knowledge and best practices, empowering them to act as multipliers for the Charter.
    Key components of the Training Academy include workshops, interactive dialogues, and resource development to enhance participants’ practical use of the CFREU.

  • Summer Academy 2024 

    EYP’s largest international training event, the Summer Academy, gathers youth from all 40 EYP countries in Bern, Switzerland from August 12th to August 16th. Led by experienced EYP members and external experts, sessions focus on direct democracy, aligning with the CFREU. Participants will engage in modules exploring the principles of direct democracy and their relevance to the CFREU, discuss challenges and opportunities in its implementation, and develop resolutions for raising awareness in their National Committees.

  • Understanding Europe 

    Understanding Europe, a European network for Peer Education, will collaborate with the FOCUS project to build youth capacity and awareness around the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union. Through a course manual, a series of training events and workshops, Understanding Europe aims to empower young people to engage more effectively in local, national, and European democratic participation.

    Stay tuned for updates on these exciting initiatives! 


Contact persons

  • Bilal Kasaoui

    Capacity building / FOCUS (human rights project)