Interrail 2024

With Interrail we embarked on a remarkable journey across Germany for 5 days, to host EYP sessions at vocational schools throughout the country. Our goal was to empower German youth to actively engage in the European Elections 2024.

Paul Pazzini

We went on an amazing journey with Interrail 2024, a collaborative project ahead of the European Elections 2024 involving Bertelsmann Stiftung, EYP Germany as well as the International Office of EYP.

Our adventure began on April 6, 2024, with a training weekend in Kassel for the project team, preparing us to take the EYP concept on the RAILroad.

From 8 April 2024 to 12 April 2024, over the course of 5️ consecutive days, 3️ teams from EYP Germany then travelled across Germany hosting two- or one-day sessions at 9️ different vocational schools.​

These sessions, organized by EYP Germany, aimed to empower German youth to actively participate in the European Elections 2024 and to highlight the significance of elections and democracy, stressing the impact of European policies on young people’s lives.

This project is part of #NowEurope of Bertelsmann Stiftung, a project intended to increase the voter turnout in the upcoming European Elections, inspiring young people from mainly non-voter bubbles and empower youth organizations dedicated to this cause.

Take a look at our Instagram highlights for more insights into Interrail.

Contact persons

  • Michelle Poltier

    Project Manager
    European Elections and EYE
  • Iman Akboua

    Project Assistant
    Communications and Project Support