Health Project

This project was implemented in the year 2020 by the European Youth Parliament with the support of the Wellcome Trust, and EIT Health.

The Health Project has brought together young people from across Europe and decision-makers to debate today’s pressing topics in the health area. Through this project, the European Youth Parliament gathered young opinions on health-related issues that were then shared with experts, young peers, and the broader public. The themes of health-related discussions included:

  • Epidemics and Infectious Diseases: We discussed the COVID-19 pandemic, global access to medicines and the concept of vaccines and therapeutics as public goods, with a particular focus on access in low- and middle-income countries.
  • Health Governance: The focus of health governance was put on global and European health institutions and their response to health challenges, including reforms that would allow for greater leadership, accountability, and transparency.
  • Mental Health: With the COVID-19 pandemic having a negative impact on mental health, we discussed strategies for young people to cope with mental health issues, as well as ways to reduce stigmatisation and discrimination linked to it.
  • Healthcare Innovations: We debated the potential of telemedicine and digital healthcare solutions to improve people-centred care, while taking care of data protection and safety concerns.

The project had three distinct phases: Consultation, Aggregation, and Presentation, leading up to the Youth Health Summit.

1 EYP Sessions (Consultation)

Health-related topics were included in many digital EYP sessions of 2020, where more than 300 young people debated different aspects of healthcare policy.

2 Digital Health Forum (Aggregation)

The EYP hosted its first entirely focused on health-related topics digital event, where around 100 young participants from 26 countries discussed the challenges of global health today.

3 Health Think Tank (Presentation)

A team of dedicated young people with expertise in health-related areas has worked together and has aggregated the opinions expressed at our events into a policy recommendations paper. “Healthy Lives and Well-Being for All” is the end-product shared with decision-makers.

Youth Health Summit

During the event, the participant engaged in the public debate around health and presented the policy recommendations to the decision-makers in the health area, as well as the wider audience of young people.

Health Innovations | EYP Health Summit

Health Governance | EYP Health Summit