Local EYE (European Youth Event)

EYE Berlin

In cooperation with the European Parliament, the EYP will host one of the four local editions of the EYE (European Youth Event) in April 2024. The event will take place from April 18th to April 20th, 2024, the 18th being dedicated to accreditations. Calls below!

The central mission of EYE Berlin is to bring together around 1,700 young people from all over Europe physically in Berlin, as well as 500 participants digitally, to collaboratively explore and experience Europe, and to engage with and empower each other. With the European Elections 2024 fast approaching, it is crucial to provide young Europeans with the opportunity to connect with EU policy-makers and civil society organisations, but also with each other.

EYE Berlin will include workshops, debates, and trainings of different sizes, but also dedicated spaces for networking, cultural exchange activities, and leisure. Thematically, EYE Berlin will be based around five pillars:

  • European Elections

  • United Europe

  • Sustainable Europe

  • Innovative Europe

  • Capacity-building of youth NGOs

This last pillar underscores our commitment to fostering the growth and influence of other youth organisations, making the EYE Berlin truly unparalleled in its scope and impact.


April 18th

  • Accreditation

April 19th

  • Opening Ceremony;
  • Thematic Workshops;
  • Active Europe Fair: Platform for participating youth organisations to present their work;
  • Plenary Session: Interactive panels with MEPs;
  • Social programme;

April 20th

  • Thematic Workshops;
  • Job Fest: A space for young people to meet potential employers and find career opportunities;
  • Euroconcert: A reimagining of the EYP tradition, offering musical performances by participants from various countries;
  • Youth-led Plenary Session: A summary of the findings of the workshops held and discussion with experts and young people on the EYE Berlin’s pillars;
  • Closing Ceremony.

A more detailed programme will be coming soon!

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the following contacts.

For programme: programme@eyeberlin.org
For support: support@eyeberlin.org
For press and media coverage: communication@eyeberlin.org
For potential partnerships: partnerships@eyeberlin.org