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EYE Berlin

In cooperation with the European Parliament, the EYP will host one of the four local editions of the EYE (European Youth Event) in April 2024. The event will take place from April 18th to April 20th, 2024, the 18th being dedicated to accreditations.

EYE Film by George Kardos

The central mission of EYE Berlin is to bring together around 1,700 young people from all over Europe physically in Berlin, as well as 500 participants digitally, to collaboratively explore and experience Europe, and to engage with and empower each other. With the European Elections 2024 fast approaching, it is crucial to provide young Europeans with the opportunity to connect with EU policy-makers and civil society organisations, but also with each other. You can still join as a local participant or watch some of the discussions online!

EYE Berlin will include workshops, debates, and trainings of different sizes, but also dedicated spaces for networking, cultural exchange activities, and leisure.

Highlights from Day 2

Highlights from Day 1

Highlights of the Accreditation day

Thematically, EYE Berlin will be based around five pillars:

  • European Elections

  • United Europe

  • Sustainable Europe

  • Innovative Europe

  • Capacity-building of youth NGOs

You can read more about the concept of EYE Berlin or find out more about local EYEs in general, below.

Concept note
PDF — 925 KB

Schedule and travel arrangements

EYE Berlin will be bringing together people from all over Europe, to meet in Berlin and discuss all things Europe. The main venue of the event will be the Colosseum Berlin. To ease the preparation for the event, we prepared a few resources to help with the logistical and content planning for everybody joining.

You can find a detailed description of all the activities at the EYE Berlin here:

Program booklet
PDF — 5 MB

You can find out more about the set-up of the event here:

Welcome booklet
PDF — 3 MB

You can find out more about the logistical aspects and travel suggestions here:

Travel booklet
PDF — 8 MB

Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to reach out to the following contacts.

For programme: programme@eyeberlin.org
For support: support@eyeberlin.org

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EYE Berlin


For questions relating the media partnership and communication, please write us at: communication@eyeberlin.org


We are grateful for all the partners that are making this event a reality.

For any questions about partnerships, contact us at: partnerships@eyeberlin.org

Media partner


  • Embassy of Austria in Berlin
  • Embassy of Estonia in Berlin
  • Embassy of the Republic of Croatia in Berlin
  • Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus in Berlin
  • Embassy of the Czech Republic in Berlin
  • Embassy of Ireland in Berlin
  • Embassy of Malta in Berlin