February 24, 2022

Statement regarding the invasion of Ukraine

“As an organisation focused on fostering a peaceful European society, we are shocked by the invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops and the outbreak of war across the country. We are devastated to witness that this has already led and will continue to lead to the loss of lives, the increase of hostility and the encroachment of freedom.

We sincerely hope that this state of violence will end as soon as possible and we put trust in the European and international community to respond to these terrible developments with appropriate and timely measures. The priority must be to stop the aggression, protect civilians, prevent further harm and establish peace again.

The European Youth Parliament is grounded on the value of community, which is why today we want to emphasise the strength of our network to stand together in solidarity and compassion for everyone affected. Our minds are with our members who belong to a new generation in Europe that now must deal with the fallout of a war on the continent. Our thoughts go to them, their families and their friends – but above all to young people and civil society in Ukraine who are victims of this war.

By doing so, our network will continue creating spaces in which young people will keep up the dialogue, form friendships and nurture the restoration of peace that the world is utterly in need of. Our national associations in Ukraine and Russia are continuously working to inspire and empower a young generation of informed, open-minded, responsible, and active citizens that shape society and drive impact in a constructive and positive way. Something which is more important than ever right now.

Together with the International Office and our umbrella organisation, the Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe, we are following the situation in Ukraine closely, and above all, stress once more our solidarity and support to our fellow Ukrainians.”

The Governing Body of the European Youth Parliament


Members of EYP Ukraine and EYP Russia call for peace.