June 8, 2023

Young Europeans Rally for Climate Action at the European Youth Event

The Young European Multipliers for Climate Action programme is set to launch at the EYE (European Youth Event) in Strasbourg from June 9th to 10th, heralding a new era of youth-driven climate action.

The Young European Multipliers for Climate Action as well as the Steering Committee and Event Safe Person in Saverne, France.

The Young European Multipliers for Climate Action (YEMCA), a diverse group of 10 young Europeans between 18 and 25 years old, aim to gather youth opinions on key climate policy areas and will present their findings to Members of the European Parliament and the general public.

During this dynamic kick-off event, the Young Multipliers will conduct a workshop to engage participants in discussions on vital energy transition and climate action topics. The EYE gathers thousands of young individuals in the heart of European democracy, providing them with the chance to express their ideas on Europe’s future. The outcomes of the workshop will be shared with European decision-makers, providing valuable insights into youth perspectives on pressing climate issues. To start, on June 9th, the YEMCA will host a public “Young Citizens’ Dialogue” featuring a panel discussion with Thomas Waitz, Member of the European Parliament for the Group of the Greens/European Free Alliance.

“The urgency of the climate crisis demands ambitious action, and young people are at the forefront of this call for change”, states Lira Mikayelyan, member of the international Board of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) and the Steering Committee of the YEMCA programme. “We recognize the need to amplify young voices and ensure they have a seat at the table when it comes to decision-making on climate policies. With the YEMCA, we aim to bridge this representation gap by presenting diverse and compelling young perspectives to key policy-makers at national and international levels, including the incoming Members of the European Parliament in 2024,” she continues.

The YEMCA are part of the extensive EYP network, which connects European youth and provides them with a platform for political debate, personal development, and the exchange of ideas. One of the Young Multipliers, Johann Davies (21) from Kassel, Germany explains: “The overarching demand that I have heard from young Europeans at youth conferences organised by the EYP all over Europe is for the EU to become a true leader in the green transition, not through big promises, but through concrete action.”

For further information and updates on the YEMCA kick-off event, including access to the live stream of the panel debate, and for interviews with key figures of the project, we invite you to get in touch via communications@eyp.org. You can find more information about the event here.

About the European Youth Parliament

The EYP is a peer-to-peer educational programme that connects youth across borders and provides space for political debate, personal development, and the exchange of ideas. Since 1987, the network has empowered hundreds of thousands of Europeans to be active citizens and currently involves around 25,000 young people from more than 40 European countries in its activities every year. The Schwarzkopf Foundation Young Europe is the umbrella organisation of the EYP.

The Young European Multipliers for Climate Action programme is part of the Climate Youth Action Plan aimed at encouraging young people across Europe to explore, discuss, and ultimately bring about climate action. It is kindly sponsored by the E.ON Foundation and the European Parliament.

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