Here you can browse through current press releases and articles published about the European Youth Parliament as well as written by our members.

  • Sarah Bittner

    Communications Manager

The EYP in European media:

  • 3rd of May 2023 – Pauline Chetail, the Executive Director of the EYP, speaking on the young people of Europe and their passion for engagement for Le Monde.
  • 17th of October 2022 – Ludovica Formicola, the Chair of the Governing Body, speaks about the mission and activities of the EYP network as well as the importance of active citizenship education in the Corriere della Sera.
  • 27th of September 2022 – Arijel Kurtagić, President of EYP Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Janis Fifka, member of the Governing Body, talk about the European Year of Youth and the EYP in Aufruhr, the magazine of the Stiftung Mercator.
  • 24th of May 2022 – EYP Denmark, EYP Slovenia, and EYP the Netherlands win the National European Charlemagne Youth Prize 2022.
  • 9th of December 2021 – Rita Jevdokimova, an EYP Young Ambassador on the Future of Europe, writes about youth engagement in decision-making in EURACTIV’s CoFoE.
  • 5th of September 2021 – The European Youth Parliament is featured on the European Youth Portal as a democratic participation best practice.