June 13, 2019

Young Energy in Albania

Almost one hundred young people got together in Tirana for EYP Albania’s 12th National Selection Conference last month to discuss some of the most pressing issues of today, under the overall theme of Young Energy.

The participants discussed a big variety of topics, such as climate change and energy supplies, low-carbon economies and even user-friendliness of smart meters.

Have a look at what Realdo Silaj, the President of EYP Albania, has to say about the impact of the support from the PowerShifts fund on the organisation and this event, fostering outreach and inclusion and decentralising important debates on energy, bringing them closer to local communities.

“We’re in a small corner of Europe but we do have a big impact in our community, and PowerShifts definitely helps us in our mission here in Albania. (…) The vision of the session is to gather all the energy that the youngsters have, because energy not spent, is energy wasted.”