August 31, 2017

Yerevan to host the 89th International Session of the EYP!

European Youth Parliament Armenia has developed dynamically throughout the past 5 years – what started with just one delegate representing the committee at the Zurich IS in 2013, has now grown into more than 1000 people that are reached through its activities yearly. The 89th International Session in Yerevan will also mark NC’s 10th anniversary.

We are very excited about bringing our network to one of the most Eastern cities of our organisation!

Being on the crossroads of West and East, Yerevan has harmoniously combined the best of the two worlds. The city features architectural jewels like the Republic Square, the Opera House, the Cascades, the Government Building, as well as numerous galleries, museums, universities and parks. All of these venues could be easily included in the International Sessions’s events programme, making the session not only a great educational experience, but also one that fosters participants’ acquaintance with modern Armenian culture and architecture. Entertainment, recreation, night walks along the Singing Fountains together with the hospitable company of the residents would assure participants enjoyment of the city life.

Read why Arman Gasparian, the President of EYP Armenia, looks forward to the session.