April 22, 2022

Welcome words by our new Executive Director, Pauline Chetail

It feels a bit unreal to write these words as I step in Anya’s (big!) shoes for the year to come. If 17-year-old me attending her first EYP session could read me now, she may indeed not believe it. It is therefore with some disbelief, but mostly a lot of joy that I join the International Office.

What I thought would be my last engagement in EYP was 5 years ago. Of course, I still followed from afar all the fantastic activities the network was offering, and have been in awe several times about the quality, relevance and forward-thinking mindset of the decisions that were made, as well as how much the network keeps growing. I’m therefore stepping in what feels like a new, 2.0 version of EYP – and I’m not just saying this because online, digital engagement has become a big part of our lives!

When I think of the unprecedented events that are shaking Europe at the moment – a global pandemic and a horrific war in Ukraine to name a “few”, I’m reminded how our network and what we strive for – peace, democracy, active citizenship and intercultural understanding – are essential. Reading the current EYP Strategy (2021-2025) brings me a lot of confidence in our ability to navigate such trying times, weathering the storm by leaning on strong values and an even stronger sense of community and purpose.

I merely intend to be a custodian during Anya’s leave, so I will turn to all of you – EYP Team in the Office, NC representatives, working groups members, volunteers, for guidance over how I may help and support you best. I’ve also always been a firm believer that the International Office ought to be a toolbox rather than a watchdog for the network and its members (organisations and individuals alike). So please know my virtual door will always be open to feedback, questions and ideas – no matter how difficult or disruptive these may be.

I am beyond excited to start working with you, meeting old and new friends!


Pauline Chetail holds a M.A in European Governance from Sciences Po Grenoble. She previously was the public funding manager for Bruegel, the European economics think tank (2017-21) and managed large EU-funded research projects at University College London (2014-17). She co-founded and volunteered at The Brussels Binder, a database and network of women experts in 2017 after having been active in EYP for ten years (2008-17). She has notably served on the BNC board between 2013-15, presided the Rhône-Alpes regional committee of EYP France in 2011-12 and was the Secretary General of the organising committee for the 67th International Session’s (Summer 2011) in Grenoble, France.