December 9, 2019

“We were drafting resolutions before you were even born” or the story about the 2nd Alumni Reunion

“EYP enables you to stay in touch with people different experiences that can give you access to different networks and access to different ideas and thinking patterns. I think it is not only a great thing to do for fun and meet like-minded people, but also an important thing that will foster peoples carrers later on enable you to exchange your thinking and ideas.”

Shamin Vogel (Alumni Reunion participant, first session in 2007)

In September 2019 more than 40 Alumni EYPers from 17 countries gathered for the 2nd International Alumni Reunion in vivid Hamburg to revive the EYP spirit and reminisce about their EYP time.  Max Feustel from Germany was the one with the longest EYP history, as his first event took place in 1993.

The reunion took place on the fringes of the 91st EYP’s International Session allowing cross generational networking between currently active members of EYP with the alumni of the organisation. Apart from networking the participants brainstormed ways of stayed involved, develop the alumni network further. The highlight of the programme was the keynote speech by a well-known citizen lobbyist and civic entrepreneur Alberto Alemanno. He talked about the ways of staying active citizens  “Lobbying for Change – Find Your Voice to Create a Better Society”.

Alumni joined the closing event of the International Session, followed by a farewell party.  Soul Patel’s opening sentence in the closing speech is the one worth mentioning: “We were drafting resolutions before you were even born” showcasing significant continuity in EYP network existing from more than 30 years.  

“It just benefits you to know you have a network of people, of old friends in so many different countries, that you can look back to, that you can catch up with at some point. Even just all the ideas that you learn about really helped me in my job today and in my personal life!” 
Konstantin Von Brocke (Alumni Reunion participant, first session in 2006) 

Next alumni reunion will take place on 7-8 August 2020 in Warsaw next to the 93rd International session – join the Facebook event to stay up to date about the registration!