July 26, 2021

We stand in solidarity with EYP Belarus

On Friday, 23rd of July 2021, we were informed that our National Committee representing the European Youth Parliament in Belarus has been put under liquidation by the Belarusian government. Neither were they informed nor was their case heard before this decision was made. 

Following the developments of August 2020, the situation in the country has not improved. In fact, civil society is heavily under threat and this also has a severe impact on individuals from our network.

We are an organisation based on values such as democracy and pluralism and strive to empower young people across the whole continent in more than 40 countries to become active citizens and to execute their civil rights. We condemn this direct attack on civil society, as well as ongoing human rights violations and express our undivided support to EYP Belarus and other affected NGOs. Seeing that the shrinking of civic space within the European borders is far from being considered a phenomenon of the past, the work of organisations such as the European Youth Parliament continues to be highly relevant and in need of protection.

While our volunteers and the members of the Board of our National Committee in Belarus will continue their work to the best of their abilities, we as a network are shocked by how their efforts and the efforts of EYP as a whole are blatantly undermined and put under scrutiny. We demand an end to these actions and the threats made to young Europeans who want to play an active role in the shaping of their own lives and society at large.

The Governing Body of the European Youth Parliament