November 25, 2014

Three new members elected to the Governing Body

The Governing Body is the international board of the EYP. No less than 694 alumni have cast their vote in the elections between 18 and 24 November 2014 and we are now happy to announce that Anya Suprunenko, Sophie Hall and Hans Maes are elected to the GB. They will join Jari Marjelund, Zahra Runderkamp, Magnus Hall and André Schmitz-Schwarzkopf on the 1st of January for a term of two years.

You can read more about the election results here.

The Governing Body (GB) represents the interests of the EYP as a whole. It is mainly responsible for the strategic development of the EYP and for facilitating the work of the organisation at the international level. In particular, it sets the guidelines for the three annual International Sessions to ensure their high quality and representativeness.

The GB is composed of six elected members, four of which are elected by the National Committees and two by the EYP alumni. A representative of the Schwarzkopf Foundation also sits on the GB, and the Executive Director of the EYP participates in every meeting, adding important input to the work of the board.