October 20, 2017

Thinking of joining the European Youth Parliament? We explain how to

The European Youth Parliament (EYP) is an educational network that brings together young people aged 14 to 28 across Europe. As a network of independent associations, EYP is present in 40 European countries and organises almost 600 events every year.

The EYP network involves close to 35.000 participants every year, reaching thus numerous engaged and active youngsters – and always in the search of new participants. Thousands of young people become also after their first experiences as participants active volunteers in the network all over Europe, making EYP a programme truly for young people, by young people.

But how exactly is possible to become a member of the network and what you should do as a first step to participate in one of the network’s events?

The European Youth Parliament is constantly looking for young people to join who are currently living in Europe (and not only in the EU); who are open-minded and curious to discover alternative views, experience other cultures and meet new people; have an interest in issues that affect the society we all live in; who like to discuss current European topics with young people from other countries and of course, who look to have some fun on the way!

There is a wide range of possibilities to get into the EYP network. Every National Committee has its own rules regarding taking new members, but the most common way of becoming a member of EYP is to fill an application form of the National Committee in the country one lives in. After that, it is possible to take part in one of the regional National Committee sessions after which you can become a member of your national EYP. Some national chapters also organise so-called EYP days where you can get a sneak peek into the organisation and its non-formal learning methodology.

You need to take into consideration that some of the EYP National Committees will ask you for a membership fee that in most cases is no more than 20 Euros. To get more information about planned events or sessions you could participate in, please check your National Committee websites and contact them for more information.

Everyone who joins EYP’s activities is encouraged to take a step further with every new event and gain new unique experience to try out different roles, such as being a committee chairperson and moderating the work of the group, organising sessions or covering events as a media team member. Through their experiences, EYPers learn project management and budgeting, practice their public speaking skills, NGO management and leadership.