September 21, 2023

Thessaloniki will be the home of the 100st International Session of the EYP!

Meet the people behind the 101st flagship event of the EYP network, which will take place in the Thessaloniki in 2024.

It is with great excitement that we announce – the 102nd flagship event of the EYP network will be going to Thessaloniki in 2024, organised by EYP Greece! We congratulate the National Committee, as well as the volunteers who get to work on this great project.

That being said, we are very happy to introduce to you and share the words of Head-Organisers Elena Petsa and Stefanos Kerkoulas:

With the return of EP International Session to Thessaloniki, we are more than honoured to take on this new project! With 2024 marking the 30th Birthday of EP Greece and 27 years since the last International Session took place in the city of Thessaloniki, we are buzzing with excitement for everything that is to come.

Our vision is to make the 101st International Session a network-wide celebration of our values and successes. The #harbourofinnovation will be an opportunity for members of our network to keep challenging themselves, all while interacting with new and advanced technologies.

We strongly believe in being #unitedindiversity, working together to reconstruct the future and society for ourselves, following time periods of great stress and disasters. Thus, we cannot wait for all of you to join us and witness this new adventure.

Much love,

Elena & Stefanos

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