June 14, 2022

The 100th International Session of the EYP is going to Türkiye! – Meet the people behind the project

It is with great excitement that we announce – the 100th flagship event of the EYP network will be going to Istanbul in 2024! Organised by EYP Türkiye. We congratulate the National Committee, as well as the volunteers who get to create this special project! We are very happy to introduce to you and share the words of project manager Yiğit Acar, and head-organisers Mehmet Ali Makbuloğlu and Beril Başer.

“We will be so excited to host the big EYP family in Istanbul, to show everyone the great impact we had on young people, to show where it was and where it is right now. This is simply because Istanbul in the same context for the past 2000 years, hosted many nations and brought together many civilisations. This is why we have faith in Istanbul and EYP Türkiye.

EYP is a gate between continents just like Istanbul, helps young people to become more involved in the society and empowers them to speak up.

Istabul 2024 will bring people from diverse backgrounds which increase intercultural communication for the 100th time in EYP’s history. Moreover; being tolerant, open minded and dynamic are just some of the qualities that will be embraced along the way in the beautiful city of Istanbul.

As EYP Türkiye we have contributed to the European identity to a certain extent but with the help of our National and Regional Sessions, but we believe that we will make this level more accessible to every EYPer all around Europe by hosting the Jubilee Event of the EYP – 100th International Session in Istanbul – 2024. In a way, this is not only EYP Türkiye’s chance to welcome the entire EYP network in Istanbul for our flagship event, but also a valuable opportunity to put spotlight and celebrate the work of the volunteers building a community of engaged, active young citizens in Türkiye.

So our message to the Network is: Come to Istanbul. #RoadTo100.”

The volunteers continue to add: