March 25, 2020

Supporting the EYP network: #AlumniTalks

In the time of lockdowns and quarantines across the globe we are glad to open up an opportunity to get in touch with exciting personalities from EYP alumni network. EYP Alumni are looking forward to share their experience and knowledge with current EYPers.

Upcoming #AlumniTalks:

“LGBTQ Rights” – 19:00 CET, 20th of May, 2021. Giorgi Tabagari (co-founder and director of Tbilisi Pride), Lars Kristian Selbekk (board member of the regional branch of the Norwegian Organisation for Sexual and Gender Diversity), and Leo Mulió Alvarez (policy officer in Transgender Europe (TGEU)). This Alumni Talk on LGBTQ rights gathers three wonderful speakers from different corners of Europe under the theme of international solidarity. Join us on May 20th as we discuss the importance of volunteering, intersectionality between different movements, and the role of Pride. Register for the Alumni Talk here.

Past #AlumniTalks:

“Why head organise an International Session?” – Aritz Labrador (Head Organiser of the International Session in Valencia). From this webinar with Aritz (ES) you will gain a deeper insight on the roller-coaster that is Head-Organising EYP’s flagship event. You can watch the webinar here.

“From EYPer to professional Journalist: how to build up a successful career?” – Zosia Wanat (Reporter at POLITICO). Zosia (PL) brings knowledge from MLex in Brussels as a Brexit correspondent and from the Financial Times as a reporter in London, Paris and Warsaw. At the webinar she will reveal her path towards professional journalism and how big of a role EYP can play in it. You can watch the webinar here.

“How times of uncertainty can drive innovation: example of Agora on Security Kyiv” – Kseniia Choni (Innovation Manager at EIT Health) After the news that the International Session in Kyiv got cancelled, Kseniia (UA) and her team worked hard to salvage as much as possible. She co-organised the International Forum “Agora on Security Kyiv” (aka 77th International Session) in 2014 that brought together young Europeans to re-think the issues of security. At the webinar with Kseniia you will find out about how one of the most #innovative sessions in EYP started with cancellation and how to turn crisis into a success story. You can watch the webinar here.

“Leadership in Exponential Times” – Soul Patel (Innovation Consultant & Chair of the Alumni Coordination Group).Soul’s (UK) first session was in 1995, and now he chairs the Coordination Group of our Alumni network. He is also the founder of Exponential Ventures and an Exponential Organisations Spring Coach through which he aids clients from all over the world with establishing start-ups. You can watch the webinar here. You can watch another Soul’s webinar on “Mental Model for Personal Effectiveness” here.

“Exploiting your studies and soft skills to change your career” – Carolina Corona (Lawyer Linguist). Carolina (IT) will teach you how to make the most of your studies and utilise soft skills in order to change your career for the better. You can watch the webinar here.

Professional Training and TB – what skills EYPers have that others don’t“ – Christopher Tripp. Christopher (DE) is an EYP Alumnus who was active between 1998 – 2014 and attended more than 100 (!) sessions! Now he works as a Senior Manager at the Change Management Consultancy (CPC AG). You can watch the webinar here.

“How to Innovate 101: Design Thinking Methodology” – Anastasia Ntracha (iCry2Talk Co-Founder). At the webinar Anastasia (GR) will be explaining Design Thinking methodology and how this can be used to create innovative solutions. You can watch the webinar here.

“EYP Alumni in diplomacy” – Mark Brakel (NL) and Wim van Doorn (NL) Mark and Wim are both EYP alumni that are now working for the Dutch Embassy of Baghdad.

“Working for UN Agency (UNFPA) & Youth Engagement in the times of COVID-19” – Irem Tumer (TR)  Watch the talk here

“Change Management” – Chris Tripp (DE)

“Campaigning for human rights in a challenging world” – Danny Vannuchi (IT) As Deputy Director of Strategy & Impact at Amnesty International, Danny Vannuchi leads impact assessment efforts and supports the organisation to develop strong and effective campaigns. Watch the talk here

“EYP Skills at Work: How To Use Your Advantage” – Alastair Payne (IE) – Alastair is an EYP alumnus from Northern Ireland with a decade of experience running sessions all over Europe. He currently works as a Tech Lead for a New York based start-up that supports independent pizzerias and small businesses in the USA. Watch the talk here.

“EYP, diversity, and peace negotiations” – Cecilia Pellosniemi (FI) – Cecilia Pellosniemi works for UN Women’s Syria Programme in Beirut, supporting the UN-led political process on all issues related to gender equality and women’s rights as well as grassroots dialogues inside and outside Syria.

“How to Create & Grow?” – Organisation development from team leader perspective  – Matas Pajarskas (LT) is an EYP alumnus who was involved in the re-establishment of EYP Lithuania and is the co-founder and CEO of WoodWe.

“Women in Politics” – Zahra Runderkamp (PhD candidate in political science at the University of Amsterdam) and Sophie Hall (Private Secretary to the German Ambassador to the EU). This Alumni Talk on International Women’s Day 2021 was all about women in politics! We celebrated them, showcasing EYPs women in politics and diplomacy and, hopefully, inspired new generations. We heard from two Alumnae who work in politics and dedicate their studies to minorities in politics, Zahra (NL) and Sophie (CH/UK). They shed light on the topic from their own perspectives and engaged in an open discussion with each other and the attendees.

“Mental Health” – Jannis Kuhlencord (co-founder of the Togetherness Hub), Isabel Cantalapiedra Pro (neuroscientist), Malika Bouazzaoui (digital mental health expert), Dr Charlie Easmon (doctor and president of the International Association of Physicians for the Overseas Services (IAPOS)), and Dr Amelie Wiedemann (Co-Founder & Chief Scientific Officer (CSO) of DearEmployee). Loneliness and bad mental health days are common for all of us, but not so commonly talked about. On April 13th, four fantastic speakers touched upon the topic of mental health and what we can do to cope with a bad day, week, or even year. We put the spotlight on a variety of relevant perspectives – ranging from public health and occupational mental health concepts to findings from positive psychology and neuroscience.9