October 15, 2019

Spotlight on EYP Russia

The EYP network is active in 40 countries across Europe. This is possible thanks to young volunteers who dedicate their free time to developing the organisation. We asked Dmitry from EYP Russia to give us insight into the National Committee.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself? Do you remember how you got involved in EYP? 

Dmitry: My name is Dmitry I. Abrosimov, I am professional translator and as far as I can remember, I always was interested in exploring different cultures and languages that come with it. I remember my first EYP experience perfectly well, even though it was back in 2015. It was a small EYP Weekend university session, initially I was not really motivated to join further sessions, yet the 4th National Selection Session in Moscow has showed me what can EYP do for you and now for more than 4 years I am in. Eventually I came to realize that it is not all about receiving, but by helping others you can help yourself.

What is your role in the National Committee and what do you like most about it? 

Dmitry: Long story short, the June 2019 my National Committee held elections to the Board and elections results found me becoming President of European Youth Parliament Russia. I run on a platform of sustainable development of EYP RU NC. Over the last few years EYP RU managed to form only a few partnerships within Russian borders as we are facing more challenges to our development than the majority of NCs inside EYP network, overcoming this situation is my main focus. I find position of President highly taxing on mental wellbeing, it is never about status, it is all about responsibility, which can be and is a great burden. For me this experience is akin to tempering of steel, if the temperature is too hot – the metal becomes fragile, but if the temperature is just right – it will be the finest tempered steel you would ever see.

Is there a unique perspective you bring to your National Committee that you would like to share?

Dmitry: Currently I am pursuing my master’s degree in translation and intercultural communication and there is always something that catches my eye when it comes to EYP, makes me question even the clearest of notions. In Russia there are more than 170 ethnic groups, inside our Committee we have people of all walks of life and many cultures. Sometimes people perceive cultural differences as something that impedes communication, but practice showed that more different we are, the more eager we are to get to know each other better. This might be both obvious and controversial once said aloud, but EYP helps to understand and to accept our differences. In the current of events much can be lost, but we should not lose our true identities.

Tell us about one activity of your National Committee that you are most proud of.

Dmitry: I really hope, that even though EYP Russia has a long way to go, the upcoming 6th National Selection Session would be a decent project that people will enjoy. For many organizers, myself included, it is the first EYP organizing experience, we are dealing with problems I never thought could exist. If we can pull through all the obstacles, then we are making a step towards brighter, safer and friendlier future for us all.

What impact do you think EYP initiatives hold on the young people and your community?

Dmitry: For a long time, youth in Russia shied away from discussing social, financial and cultural problems. You might talk as much as you want, but what difference does it make if you are not heard? European Youth Parliament Russia give both voice and ears, opportunity to speak and to be heard. In an ever polarizing world, a future without dialogue is grim, so let us talk and listen to each other.

The EYP Spotlight series collects the stories of young people from different backgrounds who run the European Youth Parliament in their countries. Would you like to share your story with us? Get in touch with communications[at]eyp.org, #EYPNCSpotlight.