June 25, 2019

Power Lab 2019: increasing the EYP’s impact

When was the last time you picked up a resolution booklet? In EYP, young people discuss many interesting topics and ideas but not always share the results of these debates in the most appealing way. A group of motivated, young, creative EYPers met in Berlin during the first EYP Power Lab to brainstorm on how we can communicate better about the EYP’s outputs and how to make them more accessible than a monotonous text of a resolution booklet.

12 participants from 10 countries gathered in Berlin between 7th and 10th June with the aim to summarize 22 resolutions dedicated to the energy topics that have been discussed during11 EYP sessions that took place in the frame of the 1st year of the Power Shifts project. All in all 1.600 young people were directly and indirectly involved in the energy discussions on regional, national and international level during the sessions in Vilnius (LV), Rotterdam (NL), Yerevan (AM) as well as in Vejle (DK), Thessaloniki (GR), Munster (IE), Villach (AT), Baku (AZ) Eaubonne (FR), Dnipro (UA) and Tirana (AL).

The goal of the Power Lab 2019 was to create multimedia content that can be shared and communicated within and outside of our network, making the youth’s proposals on topic of Energy Governance more accessible. Participants of the Power Lab had mainly media background and took part in the Power Shifts events in the role of media team members or chairs. Maria Fedoruk (Editress of the Rotterdam International Session) was facilitating the weekend.

Furthermore, the participants had the opportunity to interact with and receive input from several external experts working in the field of communications about energy and making this complex topic more accessible for a broader audience. Sabrina Corsi, Project Manager from the Berlin – based 100% Renewable Foundation and Anastasiya Yermakova from the Ukranian energy-focused think thank Dixi Group shared their experience with visualising and communicating about energy topics.

As a result, 7 media outputs came out of the Power Lab. These include videos summarising the discussions of participants on energy issues, interactive infographics, a brochure “Power Pamphlet” showcasing the most exciting ideas of delegates throughout EYP network, as well as the to tool to analyse future resolutions.

Main Outcomes of the Power Lab:

“Power Shifts – Reflecting Europe’s Energy” is a project by the European Youth Parliament and the Schwarzkopf Foundation in cooperation with the innogy Foundation for Energy and Society. It encourages young people from across Europe to explore and discuss European energy policy.